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DateDec 20, 2016 - May 8, 2020
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Affiliated Marketing

We provide you affiliated Marketing training in the form of videos 100% new course with brilliant examples step by step no worry if you dont know any thing about affiliated marketing . We give you complete guidance about the every topic related to affiliated marketing to earn money online smart way including Videos and PDF files.


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Section 1Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
Lecture 1Introduction To Affiliate MarketingFree Preview
Lecture 2Learn Working Of Clickbank
Lecture 3Notes For How ClickBank Works (PDF)
Section 2ClickBank Basics
Lecture 4Learning The Numbers
Lecture 5Method Of Getting Paid
Lecture 6Notes For How To Get Paid (PDF)
Lecture 7Identification Of Products That Sell
Lecture 8Notes For Identify Products That Sells (PDF)
Lecture 9Products To Avoid In Clickbank
Lecture 10Notes For Products To Avoid In Clickbank (PDF)
Lecture 11Avoid Most Common Mistatke By New Learner
Lecture 12Notes For Avoid Most Common Mistake By New Learner (PDF)
Section 3ClickBank Direct Linking Strategies
Lecture 13Choosing the Perfect Product to direct Linking
Lecture 141 Choose The Perfect Product For Direct Linking (updated 18 Jan 2015) PDF
Lecture 15More Tips If You Can't Find A Suitable Product To Promote!
Lecture 16Matching Traffict with Products
Lecture 172 Matching Traffic To Products (PDF)
Lecture 18Geeting Free Clikbank Products Legally
Lecture 193 How To Get A Free Copy Of Clickbank Product (PDF)
Section 4Traffic Generation Secrets
Lecture 20The best Traffic sources to click bank conversions
Lecture 211 The Best Traffic Source For Click Bank Conversion (PDF)
Lecture 22The Wrost Traffic Sourses for Clickbank Conversion
Lecture 232 What Are The Worst Traffic For Clickbank (PDF)
Lecture 24Method to Get $70 of Sales Only $4 Investment
Lecture 253 How I Get $70 Sales With Only $4! (PDF)
Lecture 26Ads Methods and Secrets creation
Lecture 274 Ads Creation Secrets To Get People Click And Buy (PDF)
Lecture 28 All You Need To Know About Display & Destination URL (File)
Lecture 29Proven Keywords Generation Methods and Techniques
Lecture 305 Proven Keywords Generation Techniques (PDF)
Lecture 31How to Generate More 1000 Keywords
Lecture 32Latest Updates (Dec 2016) - MUST READ
Lecture 33How To Increase Your Advertisement Quality Score (Further References)
Lecture 34Tweaking for Generater Sales and Profits
Lecture 356 Tweaking For More Sales And Profit (PDF)
Lecture 36New Keyword Tweaking Tips
Lecture 37Method to track keywords which lead to sales (part1)
Lecture 384 How To Track Keywords That Convert (PDF)
Lecture 39Method to Track Keywords Which Lead To Sales (part2)
Lecture 40Pre & Post Pay Comparison (PDF)
Lecture 41Advanced Affiliate Link Parameters (PDF)
Lecture 42Another Pay-Per-Click Network To Bring You Sales!
Section 5Securing Long Term Income With Leads Capturing
Lecture 43Creat A Squeeze Page Withoud Hosting And Domain
Lecture 441 How To Create Squeeze Page Without Domain And Hosting (PDF)
Lecture 45Creat A Money Making Squeeze Page For People Subscription
Lecture 462 Create Money Making Squeeze Page That People Will Subscribe (PDF)
Lecture 47Creating Professional Squeeze Page Withen 5 Minuts
Lecture 483 Professional Squeeze Page Under 5 Minute (PDF)
Lecture 49How To Nuture Your Leads And Turn Them Into Your Clients
Lecture 504 How To Nurture Your Leads And Turn Them To Customers! (PDF)
Lecture 51Successful Squeeze Page Case Study (Do Watch)
Lecture 52Method For Tracking Keywords Opt-in To A Squeeze Page
Lecture 53My Favorite Way Of Getting People To Subscribe to Me Every Day!
Lecture 54Method To Send Your First Gift To Your Mailing Subscriber List
Lecture 55 Over 30+ eBooks To Share With Your List (Updated - Health Niche) (PDF)
Lecture 56Privacy Policy Template For Your Sqeeze Page
Lecture 57Privacy Policy Editable
Section 6Facebook Page Method Without Ads
Lecture 58Facebook With no Budget Overview
Lecture 59How Can This Method Get You Frst Sales In 2 Days
Lecture 60Must Watch This Before Creating Your First Page
Lecture 61Market Your Facebook Page with O Dollars
Lecture 62Some Important Links Format That facebook Allow
Section 7Conclusion
Lecture 63Valuable Lessons
Lecture 64Valuable Lessons (PDF)
Lecture 65Beyond-this-course-references (PDF)
Section 8Bonuses & Tips
Lecture 66Bonus-lecture (PDF)
Lecture 67Top 10 Converting Countries (PDF)
Lecture 68Top 10 Converting Countries(By most Conversion Rates)
Lecture 69Unlimited Checklist for Direct Linking