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DateDec 7, 2016 - Apr 12, 2019
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What will I cover?

Section 1– Fashioning Service Excellence
Section 2– Looking To Impress
Section 3– Overcoming Obstacles
Section 4– Working Together

Welcome To Customer Service

Welcome to customer service flow style. This module is designed to introduce you to a style or service that will ensure that you are providing a truly impressive, excellent service.

Understand Your Customer

We are all customers at some time and we all enjoy having an excellent service experience as a customer.
There are many factors that contribute to an excellent customer experience however the key factor is you. In order to begin the process of ensuring your customers experience great service at your hands you need to learn to understand your customers.By taking time to understand your customer, and their needs and wants you can begin to fashion service excellence.

Creating the right environment

It is vital to ensure the customer feels comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings. In order to achieve this you should consider five key factors.Environment Is it comfortable, can customers feel safe, is it clean and tidy, will customers feel welcome?


Is staff clean and presentable, are they friendly and smiling, are they where they should be, what about the customers- are they happy and creating a good positive buzz, are there any undesirable customers who may be offending others.


Does the food look fresh and tasty, is it being produced efficiently or are a customer having to wait too long, are the food being served at the correct temperature, are the drinks well presented in clean, non-chipped glasses, does the coffee look and taste good, is it hot?


Are tables set up, is the waiter station fully prepped, is the bar clean, tidy and fully stocked, is all staff in position?

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