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DateDec 8, 2016 - Apr 19, 2019
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What will I Cover?

Section 1 – Working in a Restaurant
Section 2 – Product knowledge
Section 3 – Setting a Table
Section 4 – Taking Orders
Section 5 – Tray Service
Section 6 – Plate Skills
Section 7 – Order of Service

Welcome To The Waiter

These days’ people eat out more than ever before so the choice of places to eat is endless, from casual to formal, mainstream to fine dining. The one thing that all diners look for is good quality food served n a professional manner by skied and knowledgeable waiting staff. This module is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills required to become a condiment and professional waiter.

Food Knowledge

When working in a restaurant a professional waiter should always be confident in discussing the menu with customers.

Customers will often ask for your recommendations when selecting from the menu therefore being able to describe the ingredients and flavors of each dish and how the dish is prepared is essential in providing excellent service.

The main component of the dish is generally meat or fish therefore it is important to know a bit about the most popular cuts of meat and species of fish. In the addition you should be familiar with a variety of herbs and spices which create essential flavors in dishes.

As a waiter, it is also important to be aware of commonly used food terms. Click below to download a food glossary for your future reference.

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